About the art…

IMG_20120318_210959This blog started with  Neil, Jeremiah, Barnabas, and Logan…four little boys who, for whatever reasons, were orphaned.  Now that they are being adopted we will continue to support others who are in desperate need of a family.   International adoption fees are high.   I want children to be able to be home with the family God intends.  In exchange for your support, I will paint for babies.

1.   Please contact me at willpaint4babies@gmail.com to arrange payment, which will be donated in full to the orphaned child and his or her adoption fees necessary to get home.

2.  Send me a request and the pictures of your child for a commisioned portrait in graphite, charcoal, or graphite/pastel (colorized). Send the request to willpaint4babies@gmail.com

3. I will send your 8 1/2 x 11 portrait on archival paper in the medium of your choice.

4.  Contact me for other requests (pets, landscape, homestead, oil, watercolor, pastel) for pricing and details.

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