Who is Will Paint 4 Babies painting for now?



This is Thad, Carson, and Presley.   Here is a short biography on their adoption listed on reecesrainbow.org:


Brent and Amanda Unroe are parents not new to Reece’s Rainbow or adoption. They just brought home 5 children in July of 2012 from Eastern Europe. Prior to that they adopted 12 children via USfoster care adoptionand also had 1 biological child. Yes, that brings their total number of children at home to 18 now! They aren’t done accepting God’s blessings yet though.

Keith is the youngest and by far the smallest child in their family. He was adopted from an orphanage in which the children had all endured years of neglect and starvation. He was less than 12 pounds when he joined their family in July and they have been blessed to watch him grow to 28 pounds in the 6 months that he has been home. He has learned to sit up, crawl, pull to a stand, and has taken a few independent steps already! More importantly he has learned about love, fun, family, freedom, and pure joy. He has more joy than anyone they’ve ever seen!

Shortly after coming home, God impressed upon the Unroes that He had plans for them to go back. Amanda even tried to have a conversation with Him about how much “easier” it would be if they waited a year or so, but at least long enough to save more up toward going back. She then felt God express that the cross wasn’t “easy” and paid for her adoption. She went home and filled out the paperwork and made the needed calls. Soon after that God showed them “WHO” and they wouldn’t have waited for the world!

They are heading back to Keith’s orphanage to bring home 3 more special blessings who they will name Charity (Presley on RR), Johnathan (Carson on RR), and Matthew (Thad on RR). They are amazed that God has chosen them to go on this journey again and feel incredibly blessed. Matthew is 9 years old and only 18 pounds, so they feel a huge urgency to get to him and get him the medical care that he needs so badly. He has a brain injury caused by domestic violence and has many contractures as well as other needs. Charity has Autism, which is something they are very familiar with, as her main need. Carson has hydrocephalus and a shunt, which is something that their 6 year old son at home has too. They are saving and fundraising with their whole hearts to get these children home where they can thrive. They appreciate your help with donations, fundraising, and most of all prayers!




We are excited to play a small role in helping them get home.   I have a new oil painting that was inspired by their story.    These are children drawn from the darkness into the light of God’s love.


into the light


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