Our long, winding road…

Adoption is a long, winding road, for sure. Every step of this adoption has been winding, with little surprises along the way. Well, guess what, “Surprise!” We are in the final stages before meeting little Sparrow. We still don’t know too much about her. I do know that some children in her facility don’t do very well and some have had very little problems. I don’t know where that leaves our little Sparrow. We have our appointment early next week and will meet her shortly after. We will know more then.

Here is what we do know:
1, She was born with Spina Bifida with a lesion in her lumbar region.
2. She needs medical attention.
3. In the US, children with Spina Bifida receive this attention at birth. This means her condition could be serious, if she needed treatment long ago. We will see in a few days. We are preparing for either eventuality. She may be at serious risk of systemic infection or meningitis if there is an open wound.
4. Children with her condition are prone to frequent kidney infections, due to paralysis of the nerves to the bladder, which slowly destroy the kidney without treatment and prophylactic care. That is routine here, but it is not as common there, particularly in orphanages where medical care is minimal. Not every child has this, but she is at risk and we are preparing for that possibility.
5. Children with her diagnosis have a much shorter life span due to the complications of Spina Bifida when they stay in the invalid rooms.
6. Other children with her diagnosis, orphans we knew of, have died as young children.
7. Without adoption, her life will be shorter and difficult. This does not even begin to account for her mental development and how life is without the love of a family.

In short, she needs out. She is pretty and cute and has rosy cheeks, but make no mistake, an orphanage is no place for a child, particularly one that has a chronic condition that requires treatment and could leave her bed-bound.

We don’t know a lot, but what we do know is enough to make us move. So getting the call a week before Christmas…Yep…We’re going. Trying to navigate the cost of Christmas flights…. still going. Having Christmas together over Skype…Yep…still going.

Because of delays in our paperwork, we were not able to travel until now. Travelling over the holidays has added to our expenses. If you would like to partner with us …




Our Sparrow…

Well this has been an exciting week.  Last week we were advised that our team had found a child who was three years old and had spina bifida and due to medical needs, needed to be adopted soon.   Now that we knew that spina bifida can cause a lot of problems if not treated early when problems arise, we wanted to wait to complete our adoption until we could intervene in such a situation.  As soon as we decided that, here she was.

We were asked if we would like to name her for her alias for the website.   We named her Sparrow.  It just seemed fitting.


Little boy…

This little boy is a “lost boy”, now living in a difficult orphanage. ¬†I’m not sure when this picture was taken. ¬†I put his picture on the front of my phone, to remind me to pray for him. ¬†It often makes me smile…and cry.

Cry because this is not his current picture.  This is not how he looks today.  And he is only 7.  He has only spent a year in the institution (most likely the majority of time in a crib).

This is his most recent picture.




Please pray for “Jackson.”

Please donate a few dollars to his adoption fund.

Please consider “Jackson.”


A new direction….

I awoke this morning to an alert on my phone. ¬†It simply said, “Arielle.” ¬†Six months ago I had set a countdown for when we would be surely almost there or in country to get our girly…our first girly in 17 years. ¬†Six months ago Derek and I had gone to the post office and sent off that important piece of paper that set in motion the process of ADOPTION. ¬†We had prayed and felt we should file paperwork. ¬†Our hearts were drawn to the little girl with the big brown eyes and mess of dark hair, but even when we prayed, it was difficult to see past the next step. ¬†That was probably a blessing, since there were so many steps this time and they all took so long. ¬†Just as our little Lucas struggles with each step, we struggled each step of the way.

Still, we stepped.

Our final step to getting our home study, which took less than a week last time, left our home study on a desk for 45 days. ¬†It was finally released and sent to us when we got the news that our baby girl had been adopted in country. ¬†Our broken little girl was going to be fixed…and loved….right where she was. ¬†How could we not rejoice at that?!?

So now, our paperwork is all in.  We await a few stamps and signatures, but the paperchase is over.  All the steps are done (except sending a very special approval to country) and we do not know our child.

That day at the post office, as we were leaving, the song, “His Eye is on the Sparrow.” played. ¬†The sparrow has become¬†a symbol of God’s Amazing Grace. ¬†He loves these little ones, discarded by the world, but so precious to Him.

So today, as my phone alerts me that it has been 6 months since beginning our journey, I rejoice that His eye is on our little sparrow and I know He watches this little one.

A beautiful child…Forgotten…

I first saw Margarita in a BBC documentary (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cs42-5HnQRQ&list=PLeEifEqgp9yxwvm6Q-njuLRhhkf8UJhrf)  (18:52-22;10) a few years ago, when our story of adoption began.  She was one of two children who were so very ill, barely clinging to life.  They were ill enough to be sent to hospital.  And then sent back, with nothing more to be done.  One went to the arms of Jesus.

Margarita somehow survived and hung on. ¬†After the BBC film, life changed for this little girl. ¬†Maya’s Hope (mayashope.org) and Happy Child (www.deti.zp.ua/eng/) partnered to provide better nutrition and some medical and therapy care. ¬†They even were able to get her listed for adoption, a child considered hopeless by many.

Now her family is on a train on their way to meet her in her country.

Although they were prepared, now  due to circumstances beyond them, they are now in need of financial help.  It is their story to tell, but they do need help and they are good people who are embarking on a mission to save a life.  If  you would like to be a part in a small or large way, they need help now.  Please pray for them.  You can donate to them at this link and it is tax deductible.


Do you know how special you are??

We were in the mall a little too long. ¬†We live in the country so a trip to the city usually means everyone goes in a different direction. ¬†We were unloading the boys for a stroll around the mall and a snack, while the teens went to a “sit-down” place, not the boys’ favorite thing. ¬†We discovered their bag had been left at the church, so everything stopped for an emergency trip back for the all important bag, full of medicines, and equipment. ¬†We were already unpacked so we stayed at the mall. ¬†What we forgot was that the bag had our money…so they took off for 3 hours leaving us with lots of window shopping and no treats!

We were okay, but a little bummed.  It was the end of the visit and had found a bench near the front so we. could. go!

“HI! ¬†Can I sit here?”

I thought it was a little crowded for just one bench and two grumpy kids, but I said sure.

“What’s his name? ¬†He’s cute…”

(Lucas, as if realizing he had an audience, starts his charming routine) …Then he reaches for her bag.

“Sorry!,” I say. ¬†“He likes noise. ¬†He wants to hear what your bag will sound like.”

She is busy getting her packages back together and I see she has the prettiest red hair and is just so pleasant, even though Lucas has clearly caused her a bit of distress.

After looking him over, she says, “Hey! ¬†He’s special! ¬†He’s special, isn’t he??”

Not sure how to answer that, I say , “Yes, he’s very special.”

“I could tell. ¬†I’m special too. ¬†I’m a different kind of special. ¬†He doesn’t have Down Syndrome. ¬†I have Down Syndrome. ”

!!!! Wow !!!! Who were the wonderful people in this lady’s life that she knew that different meant special, not weird.!!!

Our conversation went on from there, but I left the mall feeling very happy we had been stuck.  I got to meet someone who really did seem to know how special she was and made my world a pretty special place that Sunday afternoon!

The story continues….

I won’t say much this time… Michael, our family videographer, ¬†has been working on a little project…. about our little project.

If you would like to walk with us on this journey to Arielle and bring her home late this summer, please click the link below.  All donations are tax deductible!